Saturday, 10 September 2016

Im back..

Its been a while, but hey. I always find I start things and don't finish them, not like you can finish a blog but there are certain things I do for example start sewing a garment and don't finish it, start a drawing and don't finish it.

I've decided to (try) and blog again, to help me over come this, I know we are a little far off yet but as a new years resolution I want to try and be a better me. I want to be less stressed, manage my life and get things finished!

Im going to start blogging again about all sorts not just my clothes but crafts, ideas and events.

Here is something I eventually finished, FINALLY!


Thursday, 23 January 2014


Top- Ebay
Jacket Zara 
Necklace- Astrid and Miyu
Shorts- Zara 
Shoes- Office 

 I am loving the sun at the moment, even if it is cold, makes everyone feel happier. Ive really been enjoying sharing my outfits with you recently. will post more and updates when Im doing something funn.


Monday, 20 January 2014


Alexa Hedges Logo Necklace

Dress- House of Fraser- one off sample sale.
Faux Fur Scarf- Charity shop London.
Tights- American Apparel 
Shoes- Office
Necklace- H&M
My Logo Necklace- Grad Present.

I love that its been sunny over the past week, its not been extremely cold either

Mini Haul

I went to Bath this Saturday as you may know from my previous post. I bought a few things which are shown below. 
I like Bath for shopping, it has a lot of variety. Lots of High Street Stores such as Topshop and H&M, quirky stores that sell unique pieces for the home etc, and a few of my favourites such as the Mac store, L'Occitane and Space NK. Im really into beauty and skin care at the moment so will probably post a few reviews fairly soon, however I managed to avoid spending a small fortune on beauty and resisted this time.
 What I did buy was this beautiful All Saints Merrillion1 Tank, Its a light knit with a sheer tulle Tank over the top, It was originally £138 but on sale for 55, which personally I think is a great bargain. 
I really love All Saints- For me when I design I really focus on the cut and shape of a garment and I feel All Saints really nail it. Its what they're renowned for.

Ill post this in an OOTD and maybe show how it could be styled.

I Also popped into River Island, now I cant say this is one of my most favourite stores although Im a sucker for a great print, I love the boldness and use of colour in this Tee, I also like how they have used Tigers within the print, I love tigers. I picked this up for £25.

I didnt buy too much more just a few nails supplies as I do my own Shellac nails now, I much prefer it. My nails dry as soon as you bake them and they last about 2weeks. I travel a lot and my nails still look like they've just been done, even after the forth or so day. I have heard that some last longer than 2 weeks but I somehow dont believe that. Nail Growth is obvious and chipping can happen regularly,  plus I wouldn't want them to last any longer as I like a change. 

Something I wish I did buy were these shoes below, So amazing and by The Kooples, little out of my price range for an everyday purchase. 


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Saturday Shopping

Hat- Topshop 
Top- Topshop 
Scarf- London Market
Shoes- Zara 
Rings from left- mums, birthday gift, topshop, ebay, Astrid and Miyu, topshop,  NY market.

Just a Casual shopping day with some of my friends in Bath, we had lunch and a glass of wine. Its nice to get out of your hometown every so often and Bath is so close and such a beautiful and lovely city. I bought a few things so will update you with that in a new post. 


Friday, 17 January 2014

Daisy and Denim

One thing I absolutely love and think is essential is a huge scarf, Im a cold one and these are just so warm and cosy. I picked this one up just off Oxford Street from a Stall. 

 Cynthia Rowley leather bag. 
Surprisingly I picked these shoes up in the Sale from Firetrap, now im not normally one to look there but  I love these and they are so comfy. (slightly muddy- as it had been raining) 

Hat- H&M
Sun Glasses- NYC
Silver Necklace- H&M
Rings- Astrid & Miyu and Ebay 
Shirt- Zara
Denim Dress- Primark
Scarf- as above
Shoes- as above
Bag- as above
Leather Jacket- London Market

Im off to Bath tomorrow with my friends, I wonder what ill bring back.. Find out tomorrow..


Thursday, 16 January 2014


Hat- Topshop
Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Scarf- H&M NYC 
Ripped Jeans- Zara Sale (2014)
Coat- Charity Shop
Boots- Topshop
Ring details
Watch- Marc by Marc Jacobs 

I've got a bit of time off at the moment so I thought I would update you all with some outfit posts. 
A lot of hard work goes into keeping blogs going, I now really respect those who are fully committed. It was my new years resolution to start a youtube channel as I have so many clothes, however Im so busy with a million different jobs, traveling across the country etc, that I just don't know where id find the time. I thought I would start 2014 by making an effort to keep my blog up to date as I do really enjoy it. 

A bit of a basic outfit post today but more to come. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Astrid and Miyu

The December Secret Box.

My first ever purchase from Astrid and Miyu, I was very intrigued by the Secret Box. I have never purchased a beauty, or surprise box before.

Astrid and Miyu are a unique jewelry brand, Astrid is Swedish and Miyu is Japanese and they both mean 'exceptionally beautiful'.

Subscribe Now
I came across Astrid and Miyu and just couldn't resist, I had to sign up. The subscription is £39 quarterly and you receive a secret box every 3 months. I ordered just before christmas and it came so quickly. I love how the little box is filled with so many beautiful things. I am very impressed.

All pieces included in the December Secret Box. (minus the chocolate- I ate that)

  • Funky Necklace 
  • Rose Gold Skull Ring 
  • Little Recipe Cards 
  • Re-useable Pouches
  • Eye Liner
  • Chili and Lime Chocolate - Which I must say IS AMAZING.

Little recipe and info cards.

Funky Necklace.
Astrid and Miyu Image.
And saved my favorite piece until last. Rose Gold Skull Ring. - I absolutely ADORE this ring. Haven't taken it off since. Love Love Love it! I love dainty jewelry and they have so much to choose from, Im so pleased I received this. I also love the little bag it came in, they say dont judge a book by its cover but how can you not when it comes in these cute little pouches. 

Astrid and Miyu Image

I like how there was a mixture of items in the box such as this Jelly Pong Pong Eyeliner- I love this colour as well. Copper/browns are defiantly my favourite. - (Well done Astrid and Miyu).

Future wish list..
Hopefully my next box will contain some of the following.

Evil Eye Gold Bracelet

Silver Wish bone Necklace and Ring

I love these wishbone necklaces and rings and they come in Gold, Sliver and Rose Gold, I love them all and I love to mix and match my jewelry, I tend to wear all three colours at once.

Stackable Rings
Oh my! I love these, all together. How I was saying about Mixing and Matching- These work just perfectly!

Cant wait for Box number two Astrid and Miyu- Keep up the good work.