Sunday, 25 April 2010

LCF Creation

Just thought id add a few photos of somethings i did on the dress stand before christmas, this was our two week taster project for womanswear. I really enjoyed this project, more so than the other ones after christmas. The project brief was to deconstruct a mans tailored jacket and create new sculptural pieces. in the two weeks i filled a sketch book and created a final piece constructed from the jacket pieces.. if only i could do that now, seems as if ive slowed down ALOT. not good.

The following photos are the final piece i made out of the mans tailored jacket and part of the matching trousers. I was pleased with this outcome as i achieve a whole outfit, where as others in the class made one piece, not necessarily a garment.

Thought id just add this photo above as it shows the structure of the back of the jacket i created and shows my piece isnt actually a dress its a two piece :)

Many Thanks to Daisy, my model.

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