Saturday, 24 April 2010


Just looking through this months Vogue magazine and found this article on this truly talented man, Lee McQueen also know as Alexander McQueen. I am looking forward to reading this when i get a spare moment, still havent had the time to thoughly read Love, Pop, and ID which i bought a few months ago. I find this very sad, and that week i spent 25pounds on magazines for my course.. ridiculous (am a student. with no loan at the moment) Anyway i was extremely upset when i found Mr McQueen died, all of his work was out of the ordinary and at the exact time i found out (5 mins after it was posted online) i had just finished writing a long piece of work based on him and his collections, coincidence?

Today i also found out and was very excited by, being able to update your blog via iphone. This will be a usefully feature for the future as i have such a short memory i always forget things that im meant to remember.


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