Thursday, 23 September 2010

End of London, Summer time, and the start of AUCB.

Moving out of my halls in london was pretty strange, being in the same place for quite along time and then having to leave everyone you've met over the last year. its odd but something that had to be done. Ive met some really amazing people and some that are just plain annoying aha.
But anyway moving on ive been working at the hospital in my home town to earn a bit of money for uni in bournemouth. i enjoyed my time working there, but it was tiring as it was full time. The people were nice though and im glad it kept me busy over the summer because i cant sit and do nothing all day.
Now i am in bournemouth and have a lovely house and nice house mates. our freshers week starts next week and also our induction week starts next week, i am really looking forward to starting my new course and as soon as i start working i can start updating my blog more :) and hopefully get a few more followers :)

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