Wednesday, 13 October 2010


This mondays lesson we created a mood-board. We had to chose a theme of one of the following; Random, Handmade, Punk and Military, after reading the briefs i chose to do handmade as it appealed to me most. After creating my mood-board, i am please with it and feel it portrays handmade aspects. - And its now on the wall Yippiee!

Also For this lesson we have Karen and she told us about a Competition called Salvage, it was only for people from Wiltshire to enter and as i am from Wiltshire i thought i might as well enter. You have to draw a design and make it using the term recycled/used in mind, and its for Charity which is good:) So today i spent drawing my design sketch out and the fashion illustration along side it. I though as i have already made an outfit from recycled materials and it is a success i could use that, as i wasn't sure i'd have the time and money to make something from scratch. the pictures i took are on my previous posts.
But here is working progress of the drawing i did today:) ..

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