Monday, 25 October 2010

Project start

In this lesson, we we're discussing what idea we have for our cultural projects. some people had some really good ideas. As we had to have a relation to it i was thinking about where i have been and what could be quite interesting. i have been to a few places around the world and i though that Egypt is very cultural and i would have a lot to research into. I thought this could be a good idea, but am still mixed about it as, a project set on Egypt could turn out terrible wrong or could work really well. Many school children study Egypt as class projects, this slightly worries me.

As the day has gone on I am thinking more about it, initial research on the internet has inspired me a bit more and i know that i have been taught to present my sketch books to a high standard so i am not too worried about it looking like a primary school project on Tutankhamun. I remember doing this when i was small. But i have faith and i will hopefully produce a great project. fingers cross they like it. Just need to collect come more research/information/ideas :)

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