Wednesday, 26 January 2011


As a designer it's important to have a muse, somebody who you want to design for, somebody that you'd love to design for. Im not sure as yet i have a celebrity muse but i do have a muse, someone who is sophisticated, womanly and successful. Once you have found your perfect muse you need to know everything about them, Where they live, where do they work, what do they eat, what they read, do they watch television, what motivates them and so on..
The photo above may not be very clear but this is what we did in todays BMD lesson. We had a very interesting lecture in the morning and then a workshop, we were split into small groups to select a celebrity muse for a high street shop. In our group we were looking through all kinds of magazines and we decided to use Nicole Scherzinger and Karen Millen as the high street shop. In the hour we had we came up with lots of information about Karen Millen the shop, Nicole herself, what she likes and what she dislikes etc and why she would be a good muse for K.M.

We gave a brief presentation on this to practice our skills.

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