Friday, 21 January 2011


I feel as if I have so much to blog about! (Currently watching Coco before Chanel, hence the title. heart France, heart French, heart french designers! j'adore)

Busy,Busy,Busy!- 3 projects on the go at the moment. Design, Lectra and BMD. and they're not just little projects either. Mental, good though i like to be busy but even better- i like to be organised!

Okay, So as I said yesterday Caryn Franklin came into uni today to give a lecture but unfortunately I didn't get to hear her, we missed it as our lesson was at the same time. I was slightly sad about that earlier but i suppose there wasn't anything i could do, just hopefully look forward to more guest speakers. (still sad) I used to watch the clothes show all the time, i would have liked some words of wisdom.

Lectra- Second lesson today, was exciting but difficult quite a bit to remember i need a bit of practice and when i've improved slightly i will post again. (Next Lesson- Next Thursday)

BRILLIANT NEWS- I've been selected to work at London's on|off!!! YES! too excited.

Also on Tuesday me and my housemates signed up for a new house nearer to uni :)

This week has been brilliant! However i am now slightly worried about my designs.. 24th Jan-50designs complete and 4 final. Ive been trying out a new illustration style, its been time consuming and now i have realised it doesn't work, back to Plan A

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