Sunday, 16 January 2011

Thats a plan.

Well this year seems to be so exciting and so far lots of wonderful plans.
Im planing well in advance for my next birthday in december as it's a big birthday. I did want to go to Paris for the weekend, i've never been to Paris and have always wanted to go. As Paris is so close I think I may go during summer and practice my french. So for my birthday I'm thinking of going back to New York. I am trying to save, I'm going to pay for it by myself, I like it when I can say I've done this, I've saved for this or for example I pattern cut this shirt and made by myself.
Back to NY- I went to New York for my 16th Birthday with my family but i see this as great a great opportunity to go back as it is an amazing city and i just love to travel.

So i just cant wait to sight see again in NYC and depending on how much money i earn in the summer, sight seeing in Paris too. What an amazing line up.

New York

Hopefully one day i will get to travel for business.

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