Thursday, 27 January 2011

Lectra week 3

After 3 lessons I am getting used to the layout of the main program we use for CAD pattern cutting we were introduced to Diamino today for the use of lay plans and I also printed my pattern to full scale. It was exciting to see the lectra machine working and we are very lucky to have the cutting feature on our machine.

Im intrigued by St Michael for Marks and Spencer, is this an old make or does it still exist? Every time I Visit the charity shops i find all the best coats and they're from St Michaels. After our lesson me and a friend visited the charity shops and I purchased a lovely red tartan St Michael's blazer. Personally i think charity shops are the best way to shop, they are ethical as you are recycling, you are helping out different charities and you are less likely to look like everyone else.
One thing i cant stand, followers. As my manifesto states i like to see women dressing feminine and beautiful however, wear what you feel, dress yourself, don't have someone else dress you.

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