Thursday, 20 October 2011


Personal Planning, Reflection and Development. 
-From todays lecture i have been informed that this unit is a unit that a lot of universities don't cover enough. Then when students are thrown into work, they will not have the skills and knowledge from university that they should have. It is the un-fashion part of fashion. The business side- setting us up for industry based work. The things we will cover are as follows; CVs, Presentations, Portfolios presentation, Team Work challenges etc. Also this blog will get marked so I am trying to make it as interesting as possible.  

I feel I will need a lot of extra help with this unit as writing, for me is so daunting. I am terrible at writing, It's my main issue and something I defiantly need to work on, so if anyone has any tips.. please please I'd appreciate them. :) 

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