Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Round 2. My Course. 2nd year.

Ahh so i am back at uni now after a long hard busy summer working all the hours i could fit in! Not being able to post, or make my blog exciting. im slightly envious of those people who post what they wear each day, i mean where does all the money come from to buy new clothes and never wear the same thing twice.

Anywaaaayyy, first day back at uni today had a wonderful pattern cutting day, we made a jacket pattern and i cant wait to see it come together! we have to go in again tomorrow and just finish it off so im looking forward to more pattern cutting. Its such a brilliant skill to have and i enjoy it a lot.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my practical days.. I like these days they are intense but brilliant and we have super lovely teachers, Pat who is the 2nd years tutor which i am very pleased about, Jody who i get on so well with i feel like she is my friend and not just my teacher and Alena who defiantly knows her stuff.  Don't get me wrong all the teachers at AUCB are all so lovely.. i defiantly recommend my course to any young girls/guys who are looking to study fashion in the future! FDA fashion design technology- which is going to be turning into a BA in the future because so many people love it and carry on with our third year. I think this is really good news and our course leader Sarah also informed us that none of the syllabus will be changing which is great! Trust me it's the better one of the fashion courses that the uni has to offer! :) very hands on. Get in contact if you want to know more :)

ill be updating more soon :)

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