Monday, 28 November 2011

Old Work.

Here is a few pieces i've found which i've done previously, just thought I would share it.. I think they all look better in real life and the photos are quite dark sorry. Also I apologise now for having my name over everything but to be honest its a cruel world you never know what people are going to do with your work.

A piece from Visual studies at LCF. I liked this at the time Im not so sure now..? I think its maybe because I've improved. We were taught to really study the piece we were drawing from, look for the shaded areas etc. I miss visual studies, loved that lesson on a thursday. 

I liked this lesson, our whole project for visual studies was on a white shirt. We made the collars and cuffs and then we drew from them. The piece above shows a white shirt cuff but with the colour that shows when the light hits the fabric. We were shown how to look at a piece of white fabric or anything in fact and see that there are not just the colour that shows immediately, if you look closely, you can see that it isn't just white, blues, reds and yellows come through as well. Capturing the colour in a white shirt. -genius. I think this is a very clever technique. 

Life Drawing. 
Just one of my life drawings I found on my computer, I have so many more but nothing uploaded as of yet, maybe in time to come :)

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