Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Yesterday we got our marks back for the jacket project. I am really happy with what I got.. I really was clueless to what result I was going to get. We had to write a learning agreement which was 50% of the mark, I am awful at writing and think its so daunting. I thought I might just pass, welllll  I did actually get a first surprised to say! In the tutorial we had after I was really happy with my feed back and my book is something I can use within my portfolio.

Also in todays group tutorial we were talking about work placements, it's part of the course to complete a 3month work placement. IM REALLY EXCITED! Im going to try my hardest to go to New York or anywhere in the US so if anyone reading this needs an intern for 3 month roughly this time next year (oct-dec) please do contact me! I would like to complete a design placement but I am also looking into placements with companies using Lectra the CAD CAM company I've mentioned before on my blog. Truth is I really do enjoy using the programs, my teachers do keep saying 'you are good at it aren't you alexa' I did get a high first in my lectra unit but I put a lot of time and effort in and it paid off :)

Current unit;
Draping on the stand..
This was one of my first practice pieces^

Just a little inspiration for my project.

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