Monday, 16 January 2012

This weekend, I bought..

..A lovely pair of shorts, they were size 14 and massively big. I fell in love with them, but wasn't sure if I could take them in, shorts being quite complex with many different seams. I couldn't not buy them I fell in love with the fabric and as I said in my last post I'm loving the mauve/purple pallet at the moment. I did in fact buy them in the end and actually took them in quite well considering I hate altering garments because I'm never happy with the outcome. Here they are below..

A close up of the fabric, I love how there are hints of yellow, maroon and mint incorporated. We've also been told that if we see fabric or a garment that we love buy it for the fabric.. Anya our teacher who i always talk about told us that, will be good if i go into buying, but thats on a different note, im not sure yet.

Anyway I LOVE THESE and they only set me back £5.00 BARGIN #lovejanuarysales


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