Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Collaborative project

In a dérive one or more persons during a certain period drop their usual motives for movement and action, their relations, their work and leisure activities, and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the encounters they find there. 
Theory of the dérive (Guy Debord,1956)

Today we started a Collaborative Project with two other 2nd year courses, Textiles and Architecture, along with us- Fashion. 

Our Group consisted of;
2 Fashion students,
4 Architecture students,
4 Textiles students.

The brief was to put all our knowledge and ideas together and produce a piece of work that can be anything but based on the word 'tension' and the location 'Poole'.


We had 3days to complete our project. On day one we were put in our groups not knowing or have met anyone from the other courses. We all came together and had a look around Poole harbor. It was a cold day but we took some photos and then we had a coffee break and discussed our ideas. As 'fashion' had afternoon lectures we all agreed to meet that night and make sure we knew what the idea was and what we wanted to make.

The idea to create a dress but have it tied up under tension seemed to be the winning option with everyone. The dress relates to fashion and textiles and have it hung up under tension using our uni building incorporates architecture. The dress was cut in the shape of a sail relating to Poole harbor.

We made the dress from old sail material which we were kindly given from a little sail repair shop in Poole itself. We were so lucky to receive such a large amount of material. Day two we made the pattern for the dress, cut the fabric out and stitched it together (with great difficulty).

On day three the boys spent time looking for a place to hang our 'instillation' then spent the rest of the time tying it to the building with the rest of us to help and give our opinions and advice.

Day four, was presentation day, I was feeling pretty nervous about this as I dont feel confident talking in front of a large amount of people, however I pushed myself to make an effort and said quite a bit. I feel proud of myself for talking and making an effort because I really want to improve on my public speaking.

We all work really well as a team and we were lucky that everyone got on well, wasn't afraid to put their point forward and compromise on other points. The idea had a little part of all of us and if we had more time architecture would have covered the sail in architectural drawings. We understood this obviously takes a long time to do and couldn't fit it in with in our time scale.

The above photos were taken by Tom Sale and put into the presentation by Jack Sellick.
Here is one of my photos of our final piece. Sail shaped dress under tension.
Fashion on the coach to Poole.

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