Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hussein Chalayan

Whilst I was in Paris, I visited the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, A Hussein Chalayan exhibition was on, and I can say IT WAS ACTUALLY AMAZING, love love loved it! I just loved walking around and actually seeing season after season of his wonderful inventions, not just fashion but ART! Hussein Chalayan inspires me so much, every piece of his work makes you think 'how was it done!?' 'how does that happen?'. Something amazing with in a garment, if you haven't seen any of his work make sure you take a look, and check on the fashion show videos on youtube and you'll understand what I am talking about. My mum couldn't believe the table A/W 2000 (below) turns into a skirt, she was amazed! 
I would love to create a collection with things that aren't expected, this would be a great challenge.

Below- Hussein Chalayan in French Grazia. 


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