Sunday, 15 January 2012

Peclers Paris Lecture.

On Friday we we're very lucky and had Lucy, one of the ladies from Peclers Paris come and talk to us. The lecture was based on Spring/Summer 2013-2014, she went through the womenswear and menswear trends for these seasons and explaining the forecasted colours. Key fabrics were also mentioned. I found this lecture brilliant! Very inspiring and since then I found myself wearing more colour.

I'm glad to hear mauves and purples are coming back, I've been a huge fan of the purple pallet recently. Mint green I am also a fan of and was mentioned. Summer blacks are apparently going to be quite big which is brilliant everyone needs their sophisticated LBD. Chic and Sophisticated sports wear came through quite a lot so be aware this will be a big'un. Many other things were mentioned but these we're my favourites. Over all I was really grateful to hear this presentation and can't wait until next years.
S/S '13.
These pages I felt work the best and sum up what I learnt during the presentation.. you can view their other trend/colour books on their website here:

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