Friday, 24 February 2012

Back from the 'dam'

After sitting on a coach for 11 hours I am finally glad to be back home, I wouldn't say traveling by coach is the easiest/quickest/most comfortable way to travel but it gave me time to read and I love having the time to read a book or articles. On arrival to Amsterdam, we were all very excited, after checking in late evening monday we headed out for dinner to the hard rock café which was in a beautiful location overlooking (little did we know) one of the many rivers in the city.
I need to find my card reader to upload my photographs, so, watch this space. For now I can use my mobile pictures^

We achieved so much over the 3days- lots of fashion trips/museums/walking which I will explain with the photos in a future post.

Over all it was a really good trip, I never would have thought to go to amsterdam alone or with friends so it was good to experience it as a class trip. I found the city very british and a lot of the local people were friendly and always asked if you needed help, standing there looking lost with a map and a few of them run to you 'you know where to go' which I really appreciated. The vintage shops took up a lot of our time as well and I will post the items I purchased soon.   

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