Thursday, 2 February 2012

Fashion as a Forum.

The title for the essay we were set today. 2500 words.. The most i've ever written I believe.

Ok, so the work is really building up now, so many written pieces to start and complete and so many different deadlines all over the place. That's why I just love my moleskine diary! For me it's important to be organised, I hate it when im not and I also can't work in a mess either, It always has to tidy before I start to work.
Yes my desk space isn't this organised, I don't think it will ever be extremely tidy, I mean how can it be.. I have a computer, sewing machine, sketch book, pattern paper, pens, paints, knitting AND everything else everywhere. I think I may need to buy a bigger desk. Ikea here I come. Anyway I must get back to my work, I am currently writing my learning agreement. I will update about the essay when I have a bit more time.

For now here is a photo of me working.. a bit silly I know but I had a productive day (yesterday) :)
Knitting away/designing/toiling 

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