Sunday, 12 February 2012


Im nearly getting a 100 blog hits a day! I find this really odd (i didnt think many people would find it interesting) but very flattering. To the people who read my blog, I am very grateful! This motivates me to post more, I try to make it as interesting as possible (as I am getting marked) and I am still working on that but thank you. I notice a lot of hits are from America, Alaska in particular, this is really exciting.

Today is saturday, (well its actually sunday now- lost tract of time) I feel as if I have been a bit stuck with my sketch book this week but today I took the time to relax and took a yoga class, I must say I am impressed. Yoga was a lot of fun, and I defiantly feel a little bit more relaxed and inspired after doing it.. So hopefully this will help me concentrate a bit more now. A friend of mine also suggested if procrastinating light a candle next to your laptop/work space. I defiantly say It's de-stressing, not so sure about motivating though.. try it see what you think.


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