Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Toile Review Tomorrow!

Toile Review tomorrow, I can say I am defiantly behind at this stage, being 1 of 2 only second years to go on the uni trip this year I feel as Im at a disadvantage, however I should have planned my time better. I feel I planned my time to the best of my ability and was one of the first to start toiling, its just my luck that it hasn't gone my way and Im delayed. I think I would have been on track if I used my collection I decided on a while ago but my design tutor and I both agreed that I could push myself further, thus we designed to change my chosen deigns right at the last minute. Times like this you really have to think heard about time management and decision making- Lesson to be learnt?

I'm disappointed in myself for not having two finished toiles and only having one, I know that the toile review is for my benefit and not to impress the tutors so I need to jump this obstacle and up my game. I did speak to my tutors about the situation, they were really understanding but at the same time not sympathetic as it's my own fault, which I totally understand and agree with. Who improves without making mistakes..

Lets see how tomorrow goes. Amsterdam pictures still to come.

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