Monday, 13 February 2012

A change of heart.

For my current project The starting point came from the word 'Space' not literary the universe but any inspiration we get from the word. To start I was clueless and wasn't getting very far so I wrote down my ideas in a mind map form. 
Eventually after A LOT of research I found the inside of the body- the heart etc really inspiring, I looked into this more and am building up a folder of all my research as well as an internet bibliography.   

I found an article online which really inspired me- "I was given a young man's heart- and started craving beer and KFC. My daughter said I even walked like a man." by Claire Sylvia. Such an interesting article and made me want to know more about her situation, I did in fact find that her story is a book so I hit amazon straight away, I am currently half way through. I cant put the book down but I am struggling to get the time to read at the moment, Its really sad in parts as it discusses the days when she is really weak suffering from Primary Pulmonary Hypertension heart condition (PPH). From what I have read so far it has given me a lot of ideas from my project, but it has also made me put my life into perspective and made me think how lucky I actually am, Im a caring person and I do really feel for Claire and her family. 

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