Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Live, Eat and Breath Fashion.

7days until the deadline. 

Its a busy week so far, 11&12 hour days, I think the title sums this post up pretty well, 2days ago I had the sense of dread but excitement at the same time, is that possible? The dread is from the stress of not knowing if what I have set is possible, the excitement is from the fact that this is what I love, this is what I enjoy. I love my course, I love designing clothes, I love being in charge of the decisions, you could say it's a responsibility, its all down to you at the end of the day, you've got to make this look good.

After Toile Review  I knew I need to up my pace speaking with my tutors went really well actually and they were very helpful, I really am grateful to have their opinions and advice. Currently our studio is very busy with every year in, so unfortunately I didn't have space to start working that week but have been working so hard after that week. As my project is relating to heart/lung transplants/ Floaty feminine/Biker I had my heart set on making a leather Jacket, In my review my tutors didn't think it was possible with the difficultly and time we have but after speaking to them again I finally decided to make my jacket from leather. I wouldn't have been happy otherwise, and I like to set myself a challenge. I really do like a challenge and why not? Thats what I here for to get better and to push myself. 

Researching into leather processes/techniques and came across this picture that I thought was quite interesting, the book I was reading states the processes from the very beginning, right up to the stitching thread.      

^My Work Space with one of my toiles (which will not actually look like that)
Cutting my fabrics

Aims and Outcomes
Below, My 'do not forget/need to get list'
My pattern for my dress is complete, and today I completed my jacket pattern. 

  • Cut Jacket pattern out-leather 
  • Start the construction of Jacket (would like to finish it but had a set back with my zips)
  • Cut bottom of dress and stitch panels 
  • Also Advice on Skirt.
End of this week..
  • Have skirt made
  • Have jacket made 
  • Completed dress
  • and little bodice top made.
Which is my blog and the other tasks I've mentioned in previous posts. Don't worry it's not the end I still have many exciting plans for my blog and I CANNOT wait to share them with you.  

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