Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Media

New Media Lecture-Thursday 1st March.
Why New Media?- The brief/bases of our essay.
My Gosh, Its March already!? I always find the start of the years flys by, do you?

Joining us today was guest speaker 'Bob Cotton' I found his lecture really interesting, unfortunately we didn't have time to go through his whole presentation and ran into lunch, I could have carried on listening and skipped lunch but here are some of the things we discussed..  (and my lecture notes)

Digital Media- The new way of Promoting, Exhibiting or Displaying information. Digital items include Ipads, Iphones, Macs, Ps2/Ps3, Xbox etc. 
Also through digitally contacting people e.g. Skype, Facetime.
And through Personalisation e.g. Advertising the certain things that relate or would be useful to you.


Digital Photographs or Digital Computer work- Cheaper, easier to send, easier to copy (copy and paste in a click) 

Tv and Radio now Digital.
Soon there will be room made for more cellular channels in space by closing the analogue channels (channels 1,2,3,4,5) 

David Hockney- His exhibition is currently on at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, which I really want to visit, he is such an amazing artist/photographer, some may say a living legend. Still alive and filling a gallery full of work, this is somewhat usual, for example Van Gogh or other famous artist didn't achieve this in their life time, only until their death do them become more famous, I imagine Hockney to be proud and have a lot of joy and satisfaction from this. 

The reason why Hockney was mentioned is because, within his exhibition is so say a wall full of work created on a '£1.69' app for his ipad. Crazy- to think an artist can produce work on an app that anyone can purchase with an iphone or ipad. Is digital art going to take over? I like the idea of digital art but I would hate for hand made pieces to disappear, when some people are s talented. A piece of his ipad work below. 
web image a digital way of creating a graphic style word cloud, give it a try.. its clever right!? Heres mine..

I typed in a brief description which I use on my twitter, 'Innovative forward thinking Fashion Design and Technology student. 2nd year with CAD/CAM, fashion eye and pattern cutting skills.'

Sony Bravia Commercial- A new media way of doing things digitally. 

Background is moving quicker than normal and 'bunnies' are at a normal pace- a different way of capturing peoples attention and portraying an advertisement.

 Oh my favourite.. Stop Motion Animation. I did a fair bit of this in college but the video below that Bob showed us is pretty impressive and probably one of my favourite videos from the lecture..

Robotics- Oh this is just Amazing!

Leonardo- The most expensive robot in the world? Do you think its clever? or just odd? 

Other realistic robots..
Now I found Leo the robot quite amusing however this video above of this japanese nurse robot is on the scarier side. I don't know If I trust the idea of doctor/or nurse robots, the fact some technology today only just about works is what would worrier me and a human has an instinct, if something isn't normal a human could react appropriately, would a robot be able to do the same? 
Who knows what the future will bring?

The above show a few of my favourite discussions during the lecture, I feel as if this lecture has helped me to understand more about new media and will defiantly help me to write my essay. 
With Thanks to Bob.

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