Monday, 19 November 2012

Home Sweet Home

After a long time traveling with flights being delayed, cancelled and rebooked I am finally home and jet-lagged to say the least. Reflecting on my time spent in the states..

Although my time in New York has come to an end, I don't feel as if it is the last time ill visit/live there. It's the most amazing city and overall the trip has been a life changing experience. Im not the girl I was 3 months ago, I have observed, learnt and enjoyed every minute of it, I can now take these skills and transfer them into my professional and everyday practice. I wouldn't change any of this experience for a second, its made me a stronger and and even more determined person. It has shown me that this is what I want to do and will get there no matter how hard it is and how long it takes. Design is my future and I cant wait to get started. I have learnt actually how I am very organized, can take on large amounts of responsibility, cope under pressure and do all of this in somewhere which is extremely unfamiliar.

Along the way I have met some people that I consider to now be some of my best friends, something unusual for this industry but something I cherish, I also want to say how much I LOVE CYNTHIA, she is such a great person and so influential. I really value my time spent with her and everyone at CR. Thanks guys its been great. I don't want to leave.

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