Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ethical Fashion

Whilst working at CR it has determined that I actually would like my own business/brand (eventually in the future) where as previously I doubted myself as a designer and maybe wanted to follow other areas within the fashion industry. Ethical Fashion for me is highly important, and as much as I would love to become a RTW designer and show at global fashion weeks even owning a boutique would be an achievement. I like the luxury and high standard of clothing and to be able to do that ethically would make me a proud designer. Lets see where it goes...

Fair Trade is extremely important to me- I believe that everyone should be equal and I would love to be able to pay my manufacturing/machinist staff a good wage.

You dont know how much I would love to go to a 3rd would country and see there way of living, something needs to be done, I have a voice and Im not afraid to use it especially in a subject I am so passionate about. 

Global impact is also really important- Global warming is upon us and we as people and designers need to help reduce the impact but doing our bit. Ideally I would like to be extremely organized and be able to make things in the UK or where ever I may be living in the future, this way we reduce the amount of co2 emissions with shipping etc.

Cruelty to animals- This upsets me a lot, however I am still a big lover of leather and as long as that leather has been used after the animal has passed it makes me feel a little bit better however it is an extremely sad case.

There are many more and things I need to elaborate on but if I can start and make progress Its surely an incredible progress, if everyone did that the world would be a better place. Watch this space.

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