Friday, 17 January 2014

Daisy and Denim

One thing I absolutely love and think is essential is a huge scarf, Im a cold one and these are just so warm and cosy. I picked this one up just off Oxford Street from a Stall. 

 Cynthia Rowley leather bag. 
Surprisingly I picked these shoes up in the Sale from Firetrap, now im not normally one to look there but  I love these and they are so comfy. (slightly muddy- as it had been raining) 

Hat- H&M
Sun Glasses- NYC
Silver Necklace- H&M
Rings- Astrid & Miyu and Ebay 
Shirt- Zara
Denim Dress- Primark
Scarf- as above
Shoes- as above
Bag- as above
Leather Jacket- London Market

Im off to Bath tomorrow with my friends, I wonder what ill bring back.. Find out tomorrow..


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